About Online Marketing Consultant, Bradley Barks

bradley barksHey there, my name’s Bradley Barks and I’ve been doing online marketing for over a decade now.

In that time, I’ve driven over 25 million unique visitors to websites, documents, videos, media properties, press releases and more.

I’d like to see if it makes sense for us to work together. There’s a link down below to click to get in contact with me. I’d appreciate you including a few details about you, your campaign and any goals you’d like to achieve.

From there, I’ll be back in touch with some initial research and some ideas for a monthly campaign. SEO is a combination of science and art; I make sure to include both.

Here’s the Link to Get In Contact With Me – Click Here

I look forward to improving your online presence, growing your leads, increasing sales, and, ultimately, adding more business to your bottom-line. Speak soon.

– Brad

PS: When it comes to Scottsdale, Arizona, we also cover these area on Facebook as well. We have our first post, second post, and our main SEOSatori.com experts page.

Our Business Info:

SEOSatori — Phoenix
8643 E Sage Dr #1
Scottsdale, AZ 85250
(480) 370-3219


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